Windows 10 – What a ride so far!

I’ve been working a lot with Windows 10 the past year, especially in the VDI context.  The new release schedule has been quite a ride so far.   The changes between 1511, 1607, 1703 and now 1709 are in and of themselves challenging to keep track of and support in a business environment but then add VDI on top of that and it becomes quite complex.  For instance Citrix states they will not fully support a Win10 current release for 4 months.  Early adopters are basically working out bugs with the vendor until an update is released to resolve them.   So if your company wants to use the Windows 10 Current Release cycle for their desktops, and you have a large VDI environment you need to have a really good methodology for testing and pushing out these changes and the staff to dedicate to it.


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