Citrix NetScaler VPX Getting Started

  1. Head out to and download the version of the NetScaler appliance you need.
    • As of this writing 13.0 is the stable version and 13.1 is the “current version” or feature release.
    • If you need the FIPS version of the appliance currently that only comes with version 12.1
    • If you need a test environment download the Developer edition, which will give you all the features with a 1mb throughput cap.
  2. Import the appliance into your hypervisor
  3. If you are using VMWare, you can change the NIC to VMXNET3 but be sure that any additional NICs are also VMXNET3 as you can’t mix types.
  4. Once you power up the appliance it will start the network config wizard.
    • Enter the management IP for the appliance (NSIP)
    • Enter the subnet mask
    • Enter the default gateway (this can only be changed later via the command line interface)
  5. From a web browser go to http://your NSIP IP address to log in and manage the appliance.
  6. The initial configuration page will be displayed:
    • Subnet IP – you can skip it for now but note that you will need a Subnet IP on every Subnet where you want the NetScaler to communicate with backend servers.
    • Configure the Host Name, DNS, Time zone and NTP (this will require a reboot)
    • Licensing: Make sure you have the appropriate licensing for your situation.
      • If you’ve downloaded the Developer edition, there is also a link to download a license. When you do that, it gives you a code. Copy that code and then click on the code link and it shoots you over to your Account Licensing page. On the Manage My Licenses page if you scroll down there is a link for “Don’t see a New License?” – click that.  It then lets you enter the code.  You can then add that license and allocate to the MAC address of the NetScaler (Host ID) and then it will let you download a license file. When you upload that to the NetScaler it will enable all the features.
      • If you have a regular license for the NetScaler you can just go out to Manage My Licenses and allocate the license to the MAC address of the NetScaler (Host ID)
      • If you have Pooled Licenses you need to setup the Citrix ADM as the license server. Once you have the ADM configured you go to Manage My Licenses and allocate them to the MAC address of the ADM, then import those to the ADM on the Licenses page. Then on the NetScaler under Licensing select to Use a Remote License Server, specify the ADM name, IP and credentials. You should see a pop up to select the bandwidth you want to use. Once complete on the summary page reboot the NetScaler to finish setting up licensing.
  7. Next Steps :
    • Change the default password – on newer firmware you will be prompted to do this the first time you log in
    • Determine your network configuration. Will you use a single network interface or multiple, do you need VLANs?
    • Get an SSL certificate that matches any public URLs you’ll be using to access the device as well as to secure internal services such as your LDAPS load balancing VIP if you’ll be using one.

Important: Remember to click the Save button to save your running configuration

If you want some real good, detailed information on configuring the NetScaler for specific uses head over to Carl Stalhood’s site:


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