October Windows Update Renders VMWare 2012 R2 Server Unbootable

Windows 2012 R2 Server was unbootable after applying October 2021 Windows Updates. Go into Edit Settings on VM and switch the Windows boot disk to SCSI Controller 0 (it was on 1 which was the paravirtual.)   Force VM to boot into EFI Boot - verify it sees the disk nowTry to reboot normally - no … Continue reading October Windows Update Renders VMWare 2012 R2 Server Unbootable

A single user cannot log into a Win10 Citrix Desktop

Scenario - a user who had been working fine can no longer launch a Citrix Win10 non persistent desktop from any client - Windows or Wyse ThinOS, internal or external.  No other users affected.  No related errors in the event logs on the Delivery Controllers, StoreFront or the clients. I ended up using Chrome to … Continue reading A single user cannot log into a Win10 Citrix Desktop

Citrix NetScaler VPX Getting Started

Head out to citrix.com and download the version of the NetScaler appliance you need. As of this writing 13.0 is the stable version and 13.1 is the "current version" or feature release. If you need the FIPS version of the appliance currently that only comes with version 12.1 If you need a test environment download … Continue reading Citrix NetScaler VPX Getting Started

Windows Update Stops Working

I've run into Windows Updates not working on a number of occasions and have usually been able to clear the issue up by stopping the Windows Update services and renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder. I recently ran into an issue where this would not work. I couldn't install updates by manually downloading them and I couldn't … Continue reading Windows Update Stops Working

Active Directory Based Activation

I got to delve into Active Directory Based Activation today and found that the documentation was a bit confusing.  I had to review articles from different sources to sort it all out so here's my summary for implementing this: You can install this on a member server by downloading the latest Windows Deployment Kit from … Continue reading Active Directory Based Activation